विदेशबाट दशैँमा घर फर्किदा श्रीमती अर्कै संग सल्केको थाहा पाएपछी यसरी दियो राम धुलाई


A new Nepali short movie has been uploaded on YouTube and it is about being misused in love. The title of the short movie is ‘Boka Sir’ and it is a kind of an awareness movie.Social awareness Nepali short films tries to convey social message and activities in our society. If you see these kind of activities behind you. You can inform right person to stop sexual accident.Nepali film industry has got its won history-in the field of making movies,but it has got its own trend and culture which is taken from our own tradition where we can find more than one hundred cultural diversity according to castes, geography and heritage of country. It is known as “Nepali Chalchitra” or kollywood industry. Furthermore, Nepali Movies are the key tool to give an education and awareness towards the audiences about social, political, economic,and various issues of the society.


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