सिके राउतकै कारण भाडियो मधेसमा चुनाब !

सिके राउतकै कारण भाडियो मधेसमा चुनाब !

C. K. Raut is a former US-based computer scientist, author and political leader, who has been actively involved in demanding a separate Madhesh country for the Nepali Madhesi ethnic people among. He is often placed under house-arrest by the Government of Nepal .Dr. Raut was born in Mahadeva Village, in the Saptari district, Sagarmatha Zone of Nepal. He attended primary school in his home village and secondary school in nearby Katti. He went on to study at Tribhuvan University (Nepal), Tokyo University (Japan) and Cambridge University (UK).He is a recipient of Young Nepalese Engineer Award, Mahendra Bidhya Bhusan, Kurata Gold Medal, and Trofimenkoff Academic Achievement Award among others.Dr. Raut is the founding president of the Non-Resident Madhesi Association, a global diaspora organisation of Nepalese people of Madhesi ethnic group living abroad. He is also the founder of the Injot Movement, a social transformation initiative targeted at Nepal, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh. In recent years, he has been advocating for an end to racism, colonization and discrimination imposed on the Madheshi people, by the Nepali “ruling class” by his definition.


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